As of December 17, 2012 1,525 men and women have taken Ed's One day Personal Protection Class.

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Personal Protection For Women and Men

Minnesota BCA1 Approved Classes

Utah BCI Approved Classes

Target Shooting and Technique Practice

Target Shooting and Technique Practice

No Ammo Training Pistol

Courses Offered:

*One day Renewal classes(3.5 hrs classroom,30-50 rounds at range). Fee:$100.

*Minnesota Permit To Carry-Concealed Carry Training. 4 hour CCW class. 5 year carry/purchase permit. Fee:$145.

*29 state/multi state 5 year conceal carry permit.4 hour one day class. Fee:$245

*Advanced class-Personal Protection In The Home one day class. Fee:$200

*Pistol Instruction. By appointment only. Fee:$200 hour
using steel targets from ShootingTarget7 LLC.

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The courses offered by Ed Garris are for adults 21 years of age or older. All courses are one day classes. All Fees must be paid in advance in order to hold your seat in class. Either by credit card online with my secure site registration or send me a check in the mail with your full name, address, city, state, zip, home phone and cell phone #.

Upon course completion a CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION shall be given to the student.

To apply for a State Of Minnesota Permit to Carry A Pistol permit the student:

  • must complete the required application documentation in person at the Sheriff's Office
  • have in your possession your drivers license
  • course certificate and make application payment
PPM course locations, shooting range locations, dates & fee Info may be subject to change. Contact Ed Garris for Info.

Utah Application   Questions and Answers
Upon completing Ed's Utah Conceal Carry class the student will walk out with the completed fingerprint card, a passport photo and a stamped conceal carry application.
The states where a Utah permit holder may carry are:

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About the Instructor
Ed was honored to participate in and complete the "Judicious Use of Deadly Force" course taught by Massad Ayoob. The course was mentally and physically demanding. Cops and lawyers who have taken the course agree that it goes well beyond the police academy and law school in the critical decision making arena of deadly force.

  • Ed holds the following Disciplines.
  • Minnesota DPS Validated, Minnesota Certified Carry Permit Instructor
  • Utah BCI Certified Conceal Carry Firearms Instructor

Ed holds the NACFI American Association of Certified Firearms Instructor ratings for specialist in Use of Force and in Conflict Resolution. Ed also carries the NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Ratings for Personal Protection Instructor & Certified Pistol Instructor. Ed Garris has 29 years experience in the safe & correct manner of shooting handguns and firearms. Ed also offers PRIVATE ONE ON ONE SPECIALIZED TRAINING FOR EXECUTIVES choosing not to be part of a larger classroom environment for:
  • pistol
  • permit to carry
  • personal protection in the home
The permit to carry class is for students who already have reasonable proficiency with a handgun. Students who feel they may need training in the fundamentals of safety and marksmanship should enroll in our pistol class prior to the permit to carry class.

Items and Equipment Needed for this Course

  • WS
  • revolver or semi-automatic pistol in good working condition(preferably a .22 or .38 caliber or 9mm)
  • 100 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads allowed)
  • holsters are optional
  • eye and ear protection
  • targets provided by PPM
  • state issued drivers license or state issued picture id card

This information is subject to changes, errors, and or omissions.

Ed Garris and the entity name: PERSONAL PROTECTION MINNESOTA, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Minnesota. ORG ID # 620994-2 w/Minnesota Secretary of State

1 BCA, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is a Department of the MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY.

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"It is better to be Educated and have THE PERMIT TO CARRY and not need it than to need it and not have it."

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